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Free Beets and Half-off Kale

See and Savor God Wherever You Are--Even in the Small Things

Me: I saw God this week

Kids: Where mom?

Me: In the grocery store and our porch

Kids: How?

Me: You know when I ran in to grab kale while Rena was at basketball practice because I used my garden supply up a few weeks ago. You were waiting in the car. So I was moving fast but there was no kale. So I groaned but moved on and thought that I’d really love to buy fresh beets to roast.

Cause you know I like to eat them often. They're just one of those foods that help my gut. I’ve felt so much better after eating them daily-ish in my healing journey.

But we’ve been talking about cutting out unnecessary items at this time of life change for our family, right? So, I was not going to grab the beets but felt this little nudge to go ahead and get them. I added them to the cart with packs of berries on sale for you berry eaters and went to the self checkout.

I scanned all of my items and saw the beets came to $10 and some. I tried to pay several times. It seemed to work but then did nothing to move on with the sale. I called a helper and was told that the machine had to be closed down for a malfunction they could not fix then.

All this time I was fighting my normal tendency to be aggravated thinking “I don’t have time for this” and “you kids are probably doing all the crazy stuff possible while I’m held up,” but you know I’ve been praying to watch the clock less and hurry less (a focus for 2023 – see it here).

Well, I was thanking God for helping me because it was a miracle that I was not all fussed up over the hold up but instead was telling myself that it would be ok. Only God can change my hard habits!

I grabbed the slip the man gave me and headed to the customer service desk. The lady scanned the slip and said, “Sorry for your trouble. Please accept $10 off your purchase for the trouble and extra time.”

So just like that. Free beets. A little gift from God for listening and following the nudges of the spirit.

Kids: Wow Mom, that’s cool but we were really tired of waiting for you!

Mom: So then it happened again with my kale.

I still wanted kale for my smoothies because it’s just another daily add that has helped me heal.

So the next day I was getting our Aldi order sent in and thought about it. Thinking these things: Should I or shouldn’t I add the kale? Their bags are nice and pre-prepped but cost more than a little bundle that’s not de-stemmed already. Golly I wish it was garden season cause I don’t want to pay for this!

I was going to skip it but again felt the nudge to buy the kale. So I did

And the groceries came with half-off kale included. A few parts were beginning to yellow but that sure didn’t matter for my smoothies.

So there on our porch in our grocery delivery, I saw God again

Kids: Haha, beets and kale from God.

Psalm 34:8 says, “Taste and see that God is good!”

Sometimes in the midst of life, you just need to see God. And while these instances may seem small or silly, they helped me see God at work when I needed it which is huge!

And so worth sharing because maybe in whatever season of life you’re in, you could maybe use a God-wink too!

He is here. He cares about you and small things that matter to you like beets and kale that point to his goodness!

The Lord is with you. And He is good! Taste and see friend


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