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Slow Down and Heal in the New Year

I caught myself teaching my 2 year old one of my bad habits yesterday Eating more than I should and right out of the brownie pan in response to stress. Stress eating and overeating.

You know that hour of the day late afternoon when the kids feel crazier especially after being cooped up and out of routine? Plus unknown circumstances ahead and adulting things that feel hard. Bad combo. Even though the brownies are technically better for you (recipe here), eating a whole pan is not!

And it was not hideable as if that would make it better! My older girls of course said, "Mom, who ate all the brownies?" Not gonna blame the baby! Whew, brownies are my weakness though for sure. But, I know what I should have done instead. It's just that sometimes those lower moments just capture me and I'll turn to food to fill me.

It's really a blessing today though! Here's why. It's a wake-up call for me to slow down and heal more for two reasons:

1. My pants are getting too tight. I can eat the most nutrient dense foods that are fabulous for me (even in brownies), but if I eat too much and overindulge, it's not helping me! I refuse to buy new pants so I'm going to dust off some healthy practices from times past losing baby weight after my last three babies and buckle down so I can still buckle my pants. 2. When I feel low, I need to fill with God, not try to fill with food. I don't see this so much as a short-term goal thing for the New Year but a way to set a formation for healthy habits for life. I've done way better in the past when I work on good habits with friends. It will help you and it will help me. Want to encourage each other?

Here's what I'm going to do: 1. Fill with God. Read my Bible and commit to prayer/silence each day to listen for God and receive his love. 2. Fuel with food/movement to build health from the inside out. I'll share recipes and encourage you to build healthy eating habits. I have several work-in options I love that are home based that I can share if you'd like. Free and paid options. Your choice. I won't go to the gym. But you can if you want. 3. Feel His love, joy, peace, mercy, grace, and gentleness. Slow down the hurried pace (stop the frantic hurried feels) of life to love God and those around me better and feel better. If you're interested, feel free to message me. We don't have to wait for the New Year to start but seems like a good time on Monday, Jan 2!


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