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Savor……means to taste and enjoy something completely. And that’s really the purpose of Savor Life Wellness – to spread the love for savoring so much more than just food though—to savor life to the fullest with Faith, Food, Fitness and Family…the combination of those 4 pieces together can help us be healthier from the inside out and feel better about life. 




The mission of Savor Life Wellness is to offer tips and ideas to help you prioritize overall health and wellness to better enjoy life.  This comes by taking time for you and taking care of yourself.  And it can be simple to feel healthier and stronger and enjoy life even in stressful times. 


Savor Life Wellness

How’s it all fit together?  With God as your foundation, you will have more joy to love and appreciate your family.  With health and fitness habits as a part of your life, you will feel more energy and patience while caring for your family.  It’s just this perfect circle with all the pieces woven together. 


But it’s a balance—at least we think so because we aren’t crazy fitness fanatics or clean eaters all the time. We feel better when we make healthy choices, but we still love treats too! We do love to share improvements we are making because the journey and the improvement is where we’ve learned to savor life…in the perfectly imperfect moments of getting better and working on wellness together with our community.

Savor Life Wellness is the product of co-creators Kendra Everett and Kara Ackerman, twin sisters, food lovers, and two God-girls who want to stir up one another and others to love and good works as it says in Hebrews 10:24.

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