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Savor Life Wellness

Savor story
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Savor Life Wellness helps families fuel with food, fill with God, and feel his joy.

We hope you taste and see that God and good foods are truly the best medicine for sick, tired, and discontent feels, they just don't have to taste like it! 

Savor Life Wellness is the product of Kendra Everett and Kara Ackerman, twin sisters, food lovers, and two God-girls who want to stir up one another and others to love and good works as it says in Hebrews 10:24. So, we aim to share good news and good foods!

Growing up baking and cooking with their Mom and Grandmas, food has always been an enjoyable part of life as they've delighted in cooking for others. As they had families of their own, healthier foods became more of interest and then a necessity in dealing with post-baby bodies and thyroid and autoimmune conditions.

Kendra is a wife and home-schooling mom of five who works part-time and wants to savor life's blessings more in what can often feel like chaos. Learning to eat healthier while juggling family and work has offered fulfillment and fun in recent years. With a diagnosis of Hashimoto's disease, her latest endeavor is using food to gain energy and help heal one's body of autoimmune and other health conditions, and she's seen amazing results!

Kara is a mom of two and wife who also works part-time and specializes in creating healthy sweets and treats. Having dealt with thyroid issues for years, she also enjoys using food as medicine and fuel for better health.

Finding it hard to find premade foods that fit their health needs and weren't crazy expensive-plus shipping, they began crafting their own specialty recipes available to you as Savor Snacks and adding Savor Salads to help you easily fit in a nourishing meal made just for you! 

They hope to show you that baby steps (or leaps if you're ready) will add up into the compound effect to boost your energy, hope, and healing.

Savor Mission

Our mission is to help families savor life by filling with God, fueling with food, and feeling his joy by providing support and tasty, fresh foods to boost energy, satisfaction, health, and hope.

Savor vision statement

Our vision is to support families so they can conveniently and affordably build healthy habits in their daily lifestyles. We envision a healthier community with families feeling better and having access to clean, locally made foods to nourish their bodies while avoiding items that trigger food allergies, sensitivities, intolerances, or symptoms of chronic conditions. We see families strengthening family bonds and encouraging children to learn about nutrition and fresh, clean foods from a young age. Through the thoughtful selection of whole food ingredients that are locally sourced when possible and through supporting other women owned food businesses, we will help families fill with God, fuel with food, and feel his joy in life.

Savor values

Savor Life Wellness understands how to meet the everyday needs of real-life families with special food and life needs. Our values include:

  • We believe in the compound effect of healthy progress, not perfection, with people taking small steps at their pace to better health.

  • We commit to working with excellence and providing fresh, healthy, locally made, and delicious food products, guidance, and support.

  • We encourage moms to take well-deserved, quality care of themselves even while they care for everyone else.

  • We encourage kids’ learning that healthy foods are delicious while feeding a desire for them to cook and enjoy being in the kitchen.

  • We commit to loving and serving God and others well while doing what matters most.

Meet the Team

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