Fitness & Workouts

We know those words bring so many different feels - some people love the sound and most others just cringe or at least really don't like the thought and feel like it's impossible to fit into their life. Now that we've gotten into a groove with what works for us for daily exercise, we have come to be somewhere in the middle--not exercise fanatics but hooked on it because of how much better it makes us feel--stronger inside and out with more energy, productivity and positivity.

If you are one cringing or thinking it's impossible to fit in exercise, we know how you feel because we felt the same way! Whether it's the busy life as a mama of littles, working full-time outside the home, or working multiple jobs even, we get you!

But honestly we do so much better at all of that and feel like we get more done when we spend 30 minutes or less a day working out. My favorite are at-home based  workouts (online or DVD) with a huge variety of types and programs to choose from! We would gladly share more about these if you would like to chat. Just click here to connect or check out 

our community to join us in a wellness and fitness group for support, motivation and inspiration. Or check out these videos below with simple moves that you can do anywhere with or without a little one on you or running around you!

Mommy & Me Workout 1 3 moves you can do with   a little helper or without. No equipment needed. 

  Mommy & Me Workout 2        3 more moves you can do with a little helper or without. These are ok for pregnancy too as I was pregnant at this time. No equipment needed. 

    Mommy & Me Move          
1 simple move you can fit in while playing with your little on the floor or anytime you have a minute. 

    5 move Workout          
Do these 5 low-impact moves anywhere to get some activity in  at home or even if you're away and need some simple moves.