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Baby Chick Rising Again

Let’s savor life, halt the hurried hustle, look for Him, and abide with Him today, right now.

Baby Chick Held by Little Boy
Baby Chick after Rising Again

Halting the hurried hustle. Slowing to savor life. It’s one of the main focuses I felt led to practice near the beginning of this year. Not just to be less busy but to have a calmer spirit to help me see God in life around us and know Him better.

Last week I’m so thankful the spirit nudged me one day to slow down, follow and listen! Because the kids and I saw God’s goodness!

We woke preparing to celebrate the 3rd birthday of our littlest lady, Vada Shay. Thanks to my big girls, balloons and streamers were hanging. Pancakes were made and ready for whip cream to make them special.

But the day quickly turned from celebration to sadness when shortly later I saw that all four bigger kids were sobbing.

Rena had been cleaning the chicken brooders full of chicks and ducklings as she faithfully does each day but tripped, and her hand landed on one of the baby chicks which was no longer walking or moving much.

I have to say that in times past, I would have been rather annoyed by this interruption with thoughts returning to last year when we had several days upended when ducklings and chicks died too soon. I felt bad of course but more troubled by the interruption it was to what we needed to do.

But this time, I felt more peace for them and the little chick, Rhett’s baby named Stripe, and said something like, “Let’s pray for her. Come on, gather around.” As I took the little chick in my hand, she flopped her head over and closed her eyes. The kids all hollered that she was dying or dead. But we still prayed something like this.

“Father, God, you have promised that you love the little birds and you love us even more. And we believe you. Please comfort our sad children. Help them to know that they have taken wonderful care of your creation with much love and kindness. Help their little hearts to have peace even if little Stripe doesn’t make it today because you are with us. But God, we ask you to heal her and help her to be well again. We trust you and believe in your goodness and power. We thank you Lord and love you. In Jesus name, Amen.”

Right after that, the kids looked with amazement as the little chick lifted her head and seemed to rise again. After watching her and holding her for quite a time, she seemed all normal, so they returned her to the brooder where she was jumping around like herself the rest of the day.

Baby Chick "Lazarus" After Rising Again
Baby Chick "Lazarus" After Rising Again

Later that night, we told my mom the story, and she called the little chick Lazarus, so Stripe has a new name…Lazaraus AKA Lizzie.

As I’ve practiced slowing my body, and more importantly my mind, to live more in the moments that matter this year, I’ve failed often along the way but with God’s grace and love I’ve begun again. And, I am truly amazed how often we can see God in all areas of life when we halt the hustle and look for Him. The times that seem so simple are really the most important.

And I’m certain that this little time with our chick rising again built big faith in my littles. It was a meaningful moment where we saw God.

I’m thankful for God allowing us to grow and for leading me to slow down and listen to the nudge to pray instead of doing what I may have done in the past -- saying it’ll be ok and moved on to distract the kids from the moment.

With God as our guide, we can slow down and live today. We can rise again from past mistakes or struggles when we look to Him and abide in his quiet yet powerful loving hands.

I’m going to keep on practicing and be like the baby chick and rise again with God?

With Him, we can savor life, halt the hurried hustle, and abide with Him today, right now.


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