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YOU are Worth it

Take time for you. That’s what the note said from a thoughtful friend who had given my husband and I a gift when we were expecting our first baby about seven years ago. But her gift was different. Her gift was for me!

Among all the other wonderful baby gifts of clothes, blankets and baby gear (you learn you don’t really need all that stuff, right?) this note sticks out in my memory to this day because it was one of the best pieces of mommy advice I ever received. But I didn’t realize it for about 5 years.

Along with her note was a super generous gift card to a local well-known salon. I ended up using it about 3.5 years later when I was pregnant with baby two and had a rare day alone when my husband took our three year old for the day. I got a massage and a make-up consultation because I felt beauty challenged never having been good at it really and not taking much time for it then. And it was so fun and refreshing!

Truly wished I had done it sooner, but I guess I didn't because I was just focused on everything else but myself -- office work, home work, and toddler.

And the message in her note didn’t really hit me as something I truly needed to do until after baby three arrived five years after she gave me that note.

You know that feeling of just being exhausted? Emotionally, physically and mentally drained. That was me. Just tired of feeling like I was doing bad at working and being a mom.

That’s when I saw a message in my social media feed as I sat feeding my baby one day after work that we mamas need to take care of ourselves. To spend some time on ourselves because we deserve it and because it will help us better enjoy all the time we spend taking care of everyone else. Because that’s just what we do as wives, women and mamas.

And I remembered the note from my friend. And I decided to give it a try. Simple things at first that developed into more over time as I learned that I could do it.

So please mamas remember this lesson that took me so many years, some hard years, to learn.

Take time for you.

You are worth the time and money it may take to treat yourself special!

You deserve a break now and then!

It's not selfish!

You are worth it all!

And please don’t feel guilty for taking the time to do it. The house work, office work, and virtually everything can wait while you refresh your spirit and body. Just do it.

Struggling to figure out how you could even start? Think about what you love or what would make you feel better! Here are some tips if you need some ideas to start!

  • Workout for 15-30 minutes to relieve some stress, build positive energy and feel better about your body!

  • Spend five minutes writing down three things you are thankful for followed by positive affirmations like I am strong, I am the best mom I can be, I am healthy, I am loving, I am special!

  • Find an inspiring and uplifting book or devotional to read for 10 minutes or more a day—check out some of my favorites on our site here.

  • Write down Bible verses that speak to your heart, memorize them and hang them up around your home.

And just remember girl, you are worth feeling strong, healthy and happy. It will make the others in your life happier too! Take time for you!

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