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Top 3 Helpers of 2022!

Check out our favorites here–not because you or other people need more stuff but because these can truly help you savor life in 2023! So, here goes!

1. Three Step Planner from She Works His Way (swHw)

I’ve never really been a planner sort of person. They seem like one more thing that needs done and have never been that helpful UNTIL I found the 3 Step Planner.

It’s simple and allows me to focus on my priorities (God, Family, Work) for the week/month ahead. My friend Michelle Myers describes it best here.

And I totally agree! This planner helps me focus on what is meaningful and possible. Grab your Three Step Planner now and get 20 percent off with this code: SWHWPODCAST

While you’re at it, check out the swHw podcast! You'll be blessed by the time you spend listening!

2. Take Back Your Family by Jefferson Bethke

One of the best books I listened to in 2022 was Take Back Your Family by Jefferson Bethke. It reinforces so many tugs I’ve been feeling to grow our family in God and savor life with them, not just survive the busy days. So many helpful practical tips to implement in 2023. These are totally against today’s worldly “norm” and all families should read this book.

3. Savor Granola or Granola Clusters

Hands down my favorite snack and treat of 2022 is our Savor granola and granola clusters. It’s comforting and delicious but will love on your body while you love to eat it. That’s because the ingredients are clean, wholesome, and nutrient dense and it's tasty!

We developed this after not finding any other granola or cereal on the market that met our needs during the elimination phase of the Autoimmune Protocol when you’re not supposed to consume nuts or grains among other items. It’s grain free, nut free, gluten free, dairy free, egg free, refined sugar free, and filler free.

Super tasty as a cereal, crunchy grab and go snack, before bed-time sweet, or really any time! You can order it here at the Savor Snack Shop. Taste and See! You'll love it!


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