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Faking it

Oh tired mama and friend, worn out from a long day.

Tired of feeling like you have to love or keep up the appearance of loving everything you’re doing. Tired of feeling like you’re doing everything for everyone else to make them happy or help them out while doing so little or really nothing for you.

Like you have to love or fake loving every single minute of the crazy chaos and high-speed life as a mama, wife, working lady at home or away, or all of the above and much much more with a million things weighing you down.

Because it’s just what we’re “supposed” to do.

Or is it?

Let’s just stop for a minute. This is your time to take a breath, to rest and just be real for a minute.

You need it.

You need a refresh and renew from feeling that bogged down feeling. Just breathe a minute and think about this.

You don’t have to love it ALL every moment of the day. It’s ok and it doesn’t make you a bad mom, bad wife or bad person to admit it.

All those times you want to run away, hit a mute or delete button on something in life, drop one of the balls you’re juggling. It’s ok to feel that way, to be tired…tired of your job, tired of your kids, tired of the rat race, tired of faking that you love it all the time.

That feeling is ok because sweet girl you are not perfect and you shouldn’t try to be. And you shouldn’t stuff that emotion down either because it will only hurt worse.

After you think on that for a bit with NO GUILT, let’s do this together.

Slow down. Even if it doesn’t feel like you can. Most everything in life will wait while you take 5 or 10 minutes. And you deserve the time for you.

It’s more ok to want and take a break, it’s an absolute necessity or might just lose your marbles with all that is shaking around in your head. Curl up with a book or zone out in front of your favorite program while the kids watch theirs or do something else away from you.

Live your own life! Stop the comparison!! That highlight reel you see on social media or the totally gorgeous put-together girl you see? Her life is totally different than yours and that’s ok too. We’re all unique and special. So let’s not compare.

I know it’s so simple to say and hard to do, but don’t judge or compare yourself. You are special, made in God’s image. You are beautifully and wonderfully made just as you are.

Let your soul glow. Do something you WANT to do every single day. Something you feel in your heart that you want but you’ve been putting off. Maybe it’s taking care of you with a health related change, a special time of relaxation, or a project you’ve been wanting to work on. Whatever it is, just do it!

Today for me it was taking a break from work to enjoy the gorgeous fall day and take my littles for an ice cream treat. Then taking a little more time to enjoy the warmth and pick raspberries with them in the garden. The sunshine and their little smiles just filled my soul up.

Then a shower before supper so I wouldn’t have to be up so late after getting them to bed. Had hoped for doing that alone but sometimes having only one kid pulling on the curtain is a win-win vs 2 or 3!

Honestly simple and sweet is best for me a lot of the time. And even then, there’s so many ways I can do better at this soul filling up time. I know you feel what I mean though so I will take comfort in knowing I’m not alone mom friends!!

What is it that will make your soul glow friend?

God created us with these desires that strike our hearts, and too often it feels like we need to ignore those most of the time because of what other people need, want or will say. Just stop that and let your light shine bright…feel what you want to do in your soul and go for it!

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