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Blessed and a (Miracle) Mess

Water running in the sink.

Yogurt or something yucky down my black work pants.

Corn on the cob from supper 3 days ago showing up in the middle of the building blocks.

All those stains on the play room rug.

Saw all of this as I made a 30 second dash through the house checking light switches and grabbing things we needed to take for work and school. No time to change my pants, have to get by. Is that the play kitchen ear of corn? Nope—where has this been for 3 days since we had it for supper? And did they even brush their teeth? Good thing we got that rug for free.

So many swirling thoughts! Felt like a total hot mess running out the door and it wasn’t even 8 am!!

Oh that hot mess feeling! Does it ever really leave you? I mean if you have littles around, you are almost always covered in something wet, grimey or gooey. Almost always being pulled in 2 to 3 or more directions. Always feeling behind with so much that could and should be done. But oh so torn because if you do so much of it like sweep the floor, wash the dishes or do the laundry, you won’t even be able to tell in 10 minutes that you did anything anyway cause cracker crumbs and spills!! Is it really even worth the trouble?

Arghhhhhh my little mess-makers make me feel like a total mess.

But they also make me feel so loved when they cover me in hugs and kisses even when I’m covered in other gook.

They make me feel like a million bucks when they say, thanks mom, that was the best day ever.

They make me feel like I finally did something right when I lay in the floor and play a game or read them a book and they say, you’re special mom.

So mama, in all those crazy mess-filled moments that make you feel crazy, like you want to pull out your hair, lock yourself in a room or run away, remember that your little mess-makers really love you and don’t mean to make you feel like such a mess.

And REALLY, you’re not a hot mess at all--even if you feel like it.

You’re juggling so much 24/7 round the clock with little to no thanks most of the time. You’re racing the clock to be the best mama you can be while getting stuff done and playing too.

You’re feeling like you could do so much better and just feeling like that mess.

But you’re not. YOU are a MIRACLE -- wonderfully and beautifully made by God to be a mama to your little mess-makers who love you.

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