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LOVE the Season You're In

Pumpkin Spice. Apple picking. Falling colorful leaves. Crisp air……all those fall feels. Do you love it like so many people do?

Oh I wish I did, but honestly it makes me cringe when people are rejoicing as summer ends and my littles are soooooo super excited for leaves falling down that they can jump and play in. Those leaves that I just love being green and lush with spring and summer life!

Of course I LOVE the food aspects of fall time, but I just have such a hard time loving the switch to cooler weather and the anticipation of cold winter that I let it ruin almost any enjoyment I have for the fall season.

That thought of pulling out coats and bundling the littles in boots, coats, gloves, hats, scarves just makes me even more wary of having to leave the house and get us ready for work and school. It’s just harder and I just want easier!

But my hard-headed mindset against fall softened last night as I saw an amazingly beautiful site that God sent over our house on the eve before fall….a double rainbow that went completely over our house so it looked like we were all right within it. God’s promise.

And I just felt this message was sent along with it.

Yes, fall is coming and it will be harder at times to get the kiddos ready and out the door. You will struggle with missing the warm and outdoorsy alive feels that make you love summer so much. You will count down the days until the warmth and first green shoots show up. You will ache for warm sand under your toes and blue water as far as you can see.

But take a breath and enjoy the beauty that is here now and will be in this season. Easier is not always better. Take a few extra moments to snuggle your babies on the cold mornings and squeeze their sweet little hands as you’re putting on mittens or gloves 12 times a morning. Laugh as you look for missing hats and love them even in this time of year that you love less than others.

Just love them more in this season of their little lives and this season of the year.Don’t wish it away. Look for the joy and hope. The peace and calm of less outdoor work as everything is taking a chance to restore and prepare for new growth next year. Don’t look at what you don’t enjoy and can’t control. Instead look at what you can love and how to love it more. Like your littles and God who gave us this great rainbow promise.

So now those fall feels don’t feel quite so bad…apples, pumpkins, orange and yellow colors and snuggling the littles as it gets colder and we are cooped up more together.

Amazing promises from God that there is good ahead even in those moments we don’t naturally love!

Living in the present like a child is how we should really live our lives. And jumping and playing in the leaves with the littles while they were laughing and loving every minute was a good start.

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