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Nurture Your Pregnant Bod & Baby

All those pregnancy feels! Such a range of ups and downs for most mamas.

Like……feeling Blessed. Sick. Beautiful. Uncomfy. Excited. Nervous. Big. Ready. Tired. Amazed at your baby miracle.

It’s been different for each of my 4 pregnancies with my emotions and body feeling more of the uncomfy feels on babys 2 and 3. This time around with baby #4 I’m loving some specific things that have helped me and baby!

So here’s my top 10 pregnancy must-haves or must-dos to help nurture you and your baby.

  1. Pregnancy Tea – I’ve drank this with each of my babies so the taste and smell just always reminds me of them. The herbal blend of red raspberry and nettle leaves plus others helps tone the uterus and prep your body for birth. Here’s what I drink daily.

  2. Prenatal Vitamins with Folate – I’ve taken prenatals with each pregnancy but just learned this time that there’s a difference between folic acid and folate which are forms of vitamin B9 helpful in reducing the chance of certain birth defects. Folic acid is the synthetic form while folate is the natural form that is more absorbable. Here’s what I take.

  3. KT Tape – This is amazing to help with soreness or certain muscle issues. And when my babe was positioned kind of oblong and down low causing me to pee every 5 minutes and just feel uncomfy earlier than I hoped, my midwife suggested I tape my belly with it. It helped so much!! Here's what I use, and there are multiple ways to use it for soreness (some shown here) and it’s easier than a belly band! I even shower and sleep in it and it’s not noticeable under clothes

  4. Exercise – I didn’t exercise with babys 2 and 3 at all! I didn’t know how to fit it in with work and other littles around. This time, I’ve fit in 30 minutes or less most days, at home using online workouts such as prenatal cardio or yoga or other moves that are perfectly fine for mamas with healthy pregnancies. And it’s made a huge difference!!! I feel stronger and less achy! Plus it will help with birth (I’m excited to see that!) and getting back in shape after baby is born so what BIG bonuses!! I can share more about what I do if you want! Just message me!

  5. Pelvic Rocks – I aimed to do 20 or so of these a day to help my baby with ideal alignment for birth. It helped and it’s easy. Just get on all 4s on the floor and rock your body from kind of an angry cat position to a flat back or table position. Here’s a sample of rocking our baby.

  6. Hypnobirthing – I read this book called HypnoBirthing The Mongan Method and love some of the suggestions in there on how to relate to baby before birth and learn ways to help with relaxation during birth. And my personal favorite part was on the positive birth affirmations. More on that below!

  7. Birth Affirmations – Positive thoughts lead to positive actions. I so believe this in life as I’ve practiced it over the last year or two. So makes perfect sense for birth too! Repeat aloud or to yourself positive affirmations like those I’ve compiled (free printable cards and list) or listen to recordings I found like these to reinforce your positive feelings for birth!!

  8. Stretchy non-maternity clothes – I am loving a few new non-maternity clothes that I can wear with my baby bump and after (good for breast-feeding too!). Here are my faves right now: Flowy soft dress with pockets Bobeau sweater with a hippie chic feel

  9. Date & Nut Bites – I’ve read that dates can help ease labor if you eat around 6 daily toward the end of your pregnancy like 36 weeks on. It may not be proven, but it’s worth a try even for me who doesn’t love dates. So here’s a recipe I’ve found that is tasty and helps satisfy my sweet tooth. Plus dates are packed with natural sugars, fiber, folate, potassium and vitamins that are better for your bod than other sugary foods!

  10. Avocadoes – I love avocadoes!! So I could eat a bundle of them anyway, but when I heard they are great for fetal growth and development, I decided to splurge on buying more (they cost more than the cheapo side of me likes) and eat at least part of an avocado per day with eggs for bfast or in salads. They’re easy and packed with vitamins, omegas and minerals too!

So, strong mama, as you grow that little babe in your growing body, I hope you find these ways to nurture you and your little one to be helpful! Blessings to you and your sweet little one!

(Many of the links on this post are affiliate links of which Savor Life Wellness receives a small commission from sales of certain items, but the price is the same for you.)

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