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Tune in to the Quiet

What will you name your baby?

Mamas, isn't that the question you hear most besides do you know if it’s a boy or girl?

We’re on baby 4 so many of my favorite names we’ve gone through. So we’re still thinking about boy and girl names though Scott has the kids convinced we are picking the name from this hat that they’ve all added names to since last summer. Some crazy, some funny, some sweet.

Truth is we have a little special guidance this time around to make this baby-naming more memorable.

It relates to this question that had bothered me for a while and it seems unrelated to baby names but hang in there. Maybe you will know what I mean.

Let’s see.

I wondered.....what does God want me to do in life? Feels like I’m doing bad at everything I’m doing -- mom-life, wife-life, faith-life, work-life. So am I on the wrong track?

Do I keep working away from home? Do I keep doing what I’m doing trying to make the the juggling act work? Should we have another baby and add more craziness to our circus (I was so torn wanting another chance to do better at it than I had with the last littles I felt like but knowing hubby would say NO).

And the planner in me wanted to know or see some sort of assurance.

So I asked my coach and mentor one day as I was wrestling with this question.

“How do you know what God wants for you? And how do you hear His voice or how does He talk to you? How do you know?”

Honestly I felt like I wasn’t good enough for that to happen to me.

I don’t remember her exact words but it was along the lines of spending more time with God. Reading His word, praying and look for guidance. Tuning into the quiet. And then being open to hearing His voice or seeing some sort of message.

I laughed a little to myself cause I felt like, what quiet? When do I ever have quiet moments as a mama of 3 littles?

Or, honestly, quiet makes your mama heart skip some beats wondering what mess they’re making or trouble they’re getting into, right? But you’re torn about checking or continuing to just soak in the quiet!

I decided to work at it more though and just see.

And I found that getting up earlier than my littles is my secret, me-time, quiet time. Starting with Bible and devotional reading, prayer/gratitude journaling and adding in some positive reading or podcast before a short little exercise time if all goes according to plan. And then trying to steal some moments throughout the day to think about it more.

It totally encourages my soul and replenishes my needs as a quiet-loving introvert!

So back to the beginning. One day I was still wrestling with those questions of whether I was on the right track and feeling like a failure at it all but still wondering if I could somehow add another baby to our craziness.

Then I heard it.

Like this inaudible voice to others around me, but clearly I heard: you are stronger with me than you know. And you will have another baby. You will name the baby something that means strength to help you remember.

My mind was a little blown to be real. Like did that really just happen? And how will I actually do life with another baby. And when?

And then I just had to stop again with my crazy planning thoughts. And be thankful. For what I heard and for what was to come, even if it was uncertain. It’s all in God’s timing. Just like hearing some answers to what had been weighing on me.

Life-changing moment and lessons. The realization that:

You can hear His voice (just like little ol’ me)

You are stronger than you think (even when you feel weak like you’re failing).

You are blessed and He is with you!

Maybe you won’t get all the answers to your questions right when you’re asking or want to know. But tune into God’s quiet! Stay strong and you will be blessed and on your way to living in His plan in His timing. Like Isaiah 30:15 says: " quietness and trust is your strength...."

So back to the beginning again, some time after I heard His voice we found out we would be adding baby #4. We're still working on baby names for our boy or girl to arrive soon but we know the name will be something that means strength!

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