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New mama loves!

So you've had your sweet little bundle! Or maybe you're still waiting? The old saying is true...your babe is worth the wait, tough as the last days may feel!

And as I'm snuggling my nearly 3 week old baby now while I write this post to pass on what I've loved with each of my four babes in some cases or some new things I've learned about along the way, I just feel like I should spread the love for mamas and share these.

Cause I always like picking up new little tips and tricks from other mamas that help in savoring (not just surviving!) mom life more.

So here are my top picks for that postpartum babymoon time to help take care of you and your special little one!

1. Herbal Baths - I look forward to a heavenly smelling and relaxing herbal bath as one of the first things to do with my new baby after birth because it just feels amazing and can help speed healing for mama and baby too.

I've purchased a little herbal bath pouch or jar from my midwives in the past, but also made some myself recently as I took more baths after baby #4 than with my other babes. More self-care for mamas is so important!

2. After Ease Herbal Supplement for After Birth Pains - My midwife suggested I try After Ease to help with after-birth contractions which apparently are more common and stronger the more babies you have. So with this being baby #4, I decided to try it and found it helpful with those pesky pains that stick around for several days after you give birth. I took a dropper full each time I nursed the baby and it helped! Here's what I used.

3. Mother's Milk Tea - I've drank this tea after having each of my babies and love the taste. It just reminds me of babies and those wonderful after-birth feelings. And it helps support lactation and breast milk production. Here's what I use - Amazon is so handy and mom-friendly!

4. Baby Carriers - Snuggling your little one in a carrier is wonderful for mama and baby for so many reasons - great bonding time, baby stays happier, mom can move more and use 2 hands to name just a few. I love wrapping when my babies are tiny and for much of the first year or so, and then I love using soft structured buckle carriers for quick up and downs. I could talk about carriers all day though and would love to chat if you want to. Just message me!

5. Angel Baby Bottom Balm - I love to use natural or homemade products on my babies and littles as much as I can. This balm works amazingly well on diaper rash and the smell is so much better than the regular old white greasy diaper rash creams. Definitely worth having handy for soft little baby skin. Grab it up here.

6. Cabbage - I never would have expected to use regular old cabbage to help with breast feeding but really thankful I learned this little tip with my first baby as it's helped me with the other babies too. Plan to have a head of cabbage handy when your milk comes in as you may experience engorgement that is uncomfortable. Or perhaps you will have oversupply issues that will make this helpful later too. If so, break off some cold cabbage leaves and leave them in your bra or shirt until they go limp to help soothe and reduce the oversupply. Be careful though that you don't over do this and negatively impact supply!

7. You can't spoil a baby - My midwives told me this after having my first and I'm so grateful! Hold your baby and snuggle the little one as much as you can. You will bond better, learn your baby's ways and be happier overall if you just listen to your baby. There's no such thing as spoiling a baby!

8. Learn to breastfeed laying down and co-sleeping - I never ever thought about doing this until I heard the suggestion and practiced it with my first. And it's definitely been a sanity-saver in terms of sleep as has been co-sleeping which can be done safely. Would be glad to share more on this if you'd like to chat.

Hope these help you as much as they've helped me mama! Bless you and your new bundle!


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