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Rooted and Growing

Do you ever feel that pull to do what others or this world make you feel like you should be doing? Work more! Achieve more! Be and do more!!

Over the last couple years, I've grown more and more over that do-more, be-more lifestyle. Instead I want to be who God made me to be, and that is often different from what the busy world would tell me to be. If I'm honest, I have to say that I feel a daily struggle between the two dynamics. Living the life God has for me often can seem to run contrary to the world and upset my people-pleasing perfectionist tendencies.

So I've been working on tools to help in the daily grind, and I'm sharing my focus and objectives to stay on track in God's race for me in 2020. Maybe some small piece of my plan will help you too.

Bible Reading - I am using a 2 year plan that you can use for free also by clicking here. Some very inspirational women who have let God lead their lives put this together. You should also check out their free app with short daily devotionals. If you're new to Bible reading or in a season of life like me, you may find this two year plan more manageable. I've read the Bible once through in a year and am being honest with myself that this year is not the one to do it again.

Identity Statement Read-through - I will read an identity statement that I wrote for myself. It's meant to help me feel rooted each morning in who God says I am vs in feelings from whatever is going on in life. I've thrown in descriptions on my family to help me see them as God does even in the daily mom-life and wife-life challenges too. I have a lot of growing to do for parts of this statement but know it will guide me and help me feel grounded in God each day as I work at it. You can check it out below for ideas on how to write one too if you'd like or let me know if you'd like to know how I put it together with a few helpful resources.

Moving Time - I will aim to move my body each day. My hope is to maintain a short daily at-home exercise plan, but I know the realities of mom-life and work-life, so I will aim to be consistent overall, not perfect, and count times of chasing kids or playing outside in this effort as needed.

Hobby Time - Someone asked me recently what my hobbies were, and I felt like I had none to share. The truth is a I just spend little to zero time on the ones I do enjoy. So, this year I'd like to spend time doing some things I like. I will aim to do more reading, crafting, learning about food and wellness, and gardening.

So that's it, my 2020 Focus to help me tie my passions and God's purpose for my life together instead of focusing on others' expectations or temporary feelings.

Wishing you a blessed 2020! May we all savor life and grow together each day of this year ahead.

Kendra's Identity Statement

I am Kendra Shiann Everett, wonderfully, fearfully and purposefully made, loved and held by a good and all-providing Father, Immanuel, who is well-pleased with me, not because of what I do but because of who He made me to be

In Him I am secure and the noise around me can't shake me. I feel His strength as I slow down, be still, let go of my grip, be flexible, claim his rest and speak slowly with love, patience and self-control.

I am mighty in His power, strong, fearless, patient, humble, courageous, disciplined, fun, laughing, hospitable, adventurous, open-hearted, cheerful, light-hearted, wise, loving, gentle, faith-filled, self-controlled, confident, respectful and kind.

I am surrendered. I seek God's perfection, not my own, and pour grace on myself and others. I laugh at the days ahead looking to God's plan, path and timing and only strive to be more like Jesus as I run the race He’s marked for me with perseverance and endurance

I am a giver, a servant, and an encourager--working to share God’s love and life to my family and others who need to feel his life-giving power. I am a powerful force of positivity, looking to build others up

I am worthy of others’ love and help. I accept it and I give it back in full measure. I know that doing life together is better than being alone. I am thankful for friends and community and I open my home and heart to share our blessed life with others

I am unashamedly and unapologetically me. God breathed. Beautiful inside and out, special and shining as I am refined through fire at times and learning to joyfully appreciate life more each day

I am the blessed wife of Scott Daniel Everett, and I love and respect him fiercely and unconditionally. He is talented, strong, skilled, insightful, funny, charismatic, charming, giving, hard working and loving, a son of God, a leader with a tender heart of gold

I am the blessed and deeply thankful mama to God's sweet smiling children who I love unconditionally, deep and wide

Ella Kay - creative, laughing, wonder-filled, joyful, exuberant, inquisitive, sunny, shining light & helper

Rena Laine - sweet, spirited, sharing, tenacious, peaceful helper, nurturer, caretaker tough and tender flower blossom

Rhett Darrel - delightful, laughing, life-giving, caring, insightful, strong, protector & helping hero

Lenna Shayne - strong, fiercely confident, wise, delightful, moving and joyful sweet soul

Baby Everett - God-breathed, moving, loved and cherished

I am productive in what matters most, in what God is calling me to do, serving like Jesus and caring for our family.

I prioritize outpouring above output as I begin my waking moments with God and work to infuse prayer and His peace through our daily moments

I can do all things through Christ as I am more conscious of God and less conscious of myself. I listen and hear his loving, nurturing voice and separate negativity and lies from His truth

I am redeemed and justified, a new creation in Christ. I am accepted and loved. I am Kendra Shiann Everett, daughter of the creator of all things bright and beautiful.

I BELONG to God and He calls me strong and enduring

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