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Rest Like a Baby

Why does she calm so quickly when she is with you mama?

My kids often ask this when they give our baby girl back if she starts fussing with them or daddy holding her

I have told them there is something just natural to it....from the inside out, babies know their mamas 💕

And when I wrapped my baby girl up for the first time when she was one week old, I felt God's goodness while hearing some needed reminders.......

I will hold you like you hold her I will let you rest in me like she rests on you I am with you because you need me like she needs you But you have to make the call and decision to let me

I wish it was so easy for us as it is natural for a baby!

The natural part for us I think is more in knowing we need to be fulfilled in life, a yearning inside that is part of us. But it often feels more natural to follow the world, other people or look to stuff or good times to fulfill us

So, what if we try to live our days a bit more like a baby?

Not just for the naps and constant eating 😊

But what if we trusted God and leaned on Him like an innocent baby trusts and leans on his or her mama?

What if it came so naturally for us to look to God as babies do their mamas instead of us looking to world circumstances, stuff or others around us?

What if we strived to know God from the inside out into our lives like a baby knows his her mama from the inside out?

What if we reflected the same peace as a sleeping baby because we are resting in God no matter what is happening around us?

Some things to work on for sure. And I feel like that is when we'd find the security we look for around us

Security in Him while being able to savor life so much more along the way would far outweigh any security we think we can find in the world

Whether we know it yet or whether we need reminded often like me, we need to KNOW GOD AND REST IN HIM just like a baby needs their mama or most trusted caretaker

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