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Life-giving Gift Ideas

The giving season!

You may be really good at finding just the right gift or need help with ideas as I often do.

This year I'm thinking about it a bit differently - more and more that I just don't need more stuff or want to gift stuff just because I need to check the gift-givng box. I do LOVE the idea of experiences or adventures as gifts so that's up there on my list for my littles and our family.

But another way is also on my heart for this Christmas - gifting meaningful or life-giving gifts that will help change and grow the lives of those we love.

So here are some meaningful ideas that are top of my list this year if you're looking for a gift that will make a life difference.

This workbook written by James Meyers is one of my top finds of the year. It is powerful especially if you or someone else is at a place of wanting to grow, wanting to live more positively, find your God-given identity, purpose and more. It's a step by step building process that truly will help you uncover your life purpose and God's plans for your life. Check it out here.

For the girl who feels like she has a purpose to work in a different way than the world around her says or just wants an uplifitng support network, this community called She Works His Way is ideal! It's an online community of women doing life together and being encouraged by amazing scripture-based messages as we do our work -- as mamas at home, in our jobs or businesses, in ministry or serving others. Check it out here.

Appreciating your body and living healthier does not have to be a drag! And it doesn't have to be an awful yo-yo diet! You can learn to love your body as you see how God has made you - special and unique - while learning to fill your heart with Him but fuel your body with foods you love. Simple mantras and strategies, encouragement, recipes and more are provided in this fun and short online video series as you grow stronger inside and out, lose weight if you want to, and grow in confidence. And it's doable with a busy lifestyle, with or without exercise, in ways that will last for the long-haul. Check it out here.

If you or someone else feels like you need some solid tips to organize your life, focus on what matters most, maximize your time, and win the days with a firm foundation, check out this Productivity Academy taught by a working mama who knows all the feels of balancing a load and wanting to do it well while honoring what God's gifted her. Check it out here.

5. Grow Your Children

The best moments in life are seeing children our grow and learn. Some of our favorite memories this year have been times we've spent reading and learning together. Here are some of our favorite kids devotionals and books to instill God's love and positive thoughts into kids. You can find them all on Amazon.


And a free gift for you!! Food is one of my favorites so I want to share what I love with you! Grab some of my favorite Savor Suppers and Desserts by clicking here.

May you be blessed, feel loved and and savor life this Christmas season!!

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